Satellite Image
Satellite Image provides realtime satellite images. The images provide an excellent view on the clouds in the sky and an indication of the meteo weather over the European continent.

The website provides for a specific zoom for countries and regions like France , Germany , Netherlands , Spain , Sweden and Scandinavia, the UK , Italia , Greece , etc.

Especially in the Mediterranean countries like France, Spain, Italia, Greece and even large parts of Turkey, one can see where the sun and the sunshine is going for the weather of today.

The satellite images are a great instrument to give us a peek from the sky on the climate surrounding the European countries. From the satellite images a clear view can be seen on fires that normally occur in the summer season and volcano eruptions.

Renewed Sat24!

Sat24 is renewed! The images are bigger, sharper and available faster.

A summary of the changes
- larger images
- simple pause and play
- images faster available
- navigate to countries via the map
- superzoom with drag
- new left navigation

More options will become available in the next few weeks also on Mobile